For Investing Money as Security, in Which of the following Markets We Generally Invest Money?

  1. Money Market
  2. Stock Market
  3. Bond Market
  4. Share Market
Desire Adnan Default Asked on 3rd August 2015 in Finance.
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    Money Market

    Money Market means the market can be traded. it equivalent can be traded. It deals in fixed-income securities. Money market securities consist of negotiable certificates fo deposit (CDs), banker’s acceptances, Treasury bills, commercial paper, municipal notes, municipal notes, repurchase agreements (repos), etc. Money Market is a short-term or Short time investment. This market differs from Capital Market.The Money Market is a subsection of the fixed income market.

    Monis Rasool Professor Answered on 3rd August 2015.
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    3 Bond Market

    neerajpatralekh Default Answered on 3rd August 2015.
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