The Most Lasting Contribution of the Rastrakutas

Which one of the following is the most lasting contribution of the Rastrakutas ?

  1. Kailasha Temple
  2. Pampa, Panna, Ranna , the three writers of Kannada Poetry and Kailasha Temple
  3. Patronage of Jainism
  4. Conquests
Manish Listener Asked on 10th November 2014 in Religion.
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Answer: 2

Rashtrakutas are among the most power rulers of India. They overthrown Chalukya rule of Maharashtra in mid of 8th century.

Rashtrakutas made many monuments including Kailasha (Kailasanatha) temple in Ellora, Kashivishvanatha and Jain Narayana temple.

There are many poets and writers in Rashtrakutas rule. Pampa, Ponna and Ranna are the famous Jain writers of Kannada in their reign.

Pushpendra Pal Dean Answered on 10th November 2014.
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