Who Among the Following Mughal Rulers Banned Music and Dancing?

  1. Jahangir
  2. Babar
  3. Aurangzeb
  4. Humayun
Monis Rasool Professor Asked on 5th July 2015 in History.
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The Sixth ruler of Mughal Empire Aurangzeb Banned Music and Dancing. Abul Muzaffar Muhi-ud-Din Muhammad Aurangzeb ( 14 October 1618 –  20 February 1707) generally known as Aurangzeb Alamgir was the third son of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal. He was a devout Muslim and strictly adhered to Islam.  Aurangazeb was not like as his ancestors, he made Islamic law of foundation of his reign. He destroyed many Hindu temples and forced many non-Muslim to convert into Islam.

Aurangzeb live a simple and pious life. He never touched alcohol and dislike music. He banned on music and dace in his kingdom.

Monis Rasool Professor Answered on 8th July 2015.
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