A non-electronic conductor is

  1. Iron
  2. Gas Carbon
  3. Copper Sulphate
  4. Mercury
Manish Listener Asked on 6th November 2014 in Chemistry.
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Answer: (3). Copper Sulphate.

A non-conductor does not conduct heat and electricity, but electronic non-conductor means does not conduct electric current. A non-electronic conductor is known as Insulator. Insulator are used in electrical appliances to prevent unwanted flow of current. They are mostly made up of solid materials in which electrons are tightly bond and they does not loose. The resistance of the insulator is very high, to oppose the flow of current. The insulator is mainly three types: Suspension, Pin, and Post type Insulator.

Reason: Copper Sulphate does not conduct electricity but in the solid state because in the solid state it is tightly bond with copper and sulphate by strong electrostatic force of attraction. Copper Sulphate are bright blue in color and substances are known as Blue Vitriol or Blue stone,

Uses: it is also an agent that induces vomiting.  It is a crystalline and odorless substance, electric blue in color, highly toxic and not safe to work with. So, they have no any free electrons to move or to carier electric charge.

vijay Professor Answered on 14th July 2015.
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