Which of the Following is an Online Ticket Booking Portal?

  1. TripAdvisor
  2. Makemytrip
  3. Zomato
  4. None of these
Monis Rasool Professor Asked on 1st July 2015 in General Knowledge.
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Makemy trip

  • Makemy trip is an Online Booking Portal which is founded by Deep Karla in 2002 and headquarter is situate in Gurgaon. The products and service of makemytrip are Flight, Rail and Bus tickets, Cab service, Hotels and packages (Holidays), Mobile Solutions and Route Planne.
  • TraipAdvisor is an American base travel website company founded by Stephen Kaufer in February 2000. TripAdvisor endowing reviews of travel-related content. 
  • Zomato is an Indian base restaurant search and discover service providing information company which is founded by Deepinder Goyal in July 2008, it is spread over 32 countries in the world.  
Monis Rasool Professor Answered on 1st July 2015.
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