Which Pair Is Correct?

If 1st and 26, 2nd and 25, 3rd and 24th and so on, letter of English alhabet are paired, then which of the following pair is correct?

  1. TH
  2. NL
  3. JQ
  4. HR
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    Answer: (3) J Q
    A   B     C      D    E    F     G    H   I      J     K   L    M
    Z   Y      X     W   V   U     T     S    R    Q    P  O   N
    Here, 1st  26 letters are opposite each other, 2nd  & 25 letters  are opposite each other
    & 3rd  &  24 letters are opposite each other.
    J  &  Q  letters are opposite of each other.
    Hence, the answer is (3) J Q.

    Anurag Mishra Professor Answered on 27th July 2015.
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