People in the villages of Rajasthan lead a very simple Iife :

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow :

People in the villages of Rajasthan lead a very simple Iife.Their way of th ing has not changed over the years. They live in circular huts. The calls of these huts arc covered with cow-dung. Every hut has a small place for worship. The life of these people is full of difficulties. It is very hot in summers and cold in winters. Water 1s a major problem. Sometimes they have to walk a long distance to get drinking water For thei r agriculture they depend on rain. But these people are very brave. They have learnt to face difficulties and they never lose hope. They also hke to enJOY their hfe. Women hke to wear dresses full of bright colours. People living in villages in Rajasthan have a rich tradition of music and dance.The people of Rajasthan are very proud of their cul ture.

  1. Which of the following words is a synonym for ‘brave’ ?
    (A) Hardworking                                       (B) Prosperous
    (C)     Valliant                                             (D) Enthusiastic
  2. The antonym of ‘bright ‘ is
    (A) Colourful                                              (B) Transparent
    (C) Dull                                                        (D) Dark
  3. Which of the following words is correctly spelt ?
    (A) Immediate                                           (B) Mediated
    (C) lmmedieta                                           (D) Immediate
  4. ‘Their way of living’ can be replaced with the word
    (A) livelihood                                            (B) liveliness
    (C) lifelike                                                  (D) lifestyle
  5. Find the correct one word for the phrase given ‘Cownryside of a nation’ :
    (A) Rural                                                    (B) Urban
    (C) National                                               (D) Inhabitans
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