People Project their Mental Process into their Handwriting :

Directions: In this section there are four short passages. After each passage, you will find some questions based on the passage, First read a passage and answer the question based on it. You are required to select your answer based on the contents of the passage and opinion of the author only.

People project their mental process into their handwriting. They subconsciously shape and organize their letters, words and lines in ways that directly reflect their personalities. This explains why no two handwriting are –or even can be- alike; the medium is just too personal. Everyday observation confirms the link between handwriting and personality, at least in an elementary way. Precise people construct their words with care, slowly and exactly; dynamic people dash them off. Flamboyant people boldly cover half a page with a few words and a signature, whose size fittingly reflects their expansive sense of self. Most of us have made such Observations. But it takes a practiced eye to discern the scores of variations and interpret the subtle interplay of forces at work in any given handwriting. In fact in Europe, handwriting analysis known as graphology, now enjoys scientific acceptance and common use.

  1. If you are a showy and colourful person, your handwriting is likely to be
    (a) neat and slow   (b) dashing and careless    (c) bold and large   (d) legible but small
  2. Graphology is
    (a) the study of graphs                                      (c) a special branch of phonetics
    (b) the analysis of handwriting                       (d) a graphical description of handwriting
  3. Handwriting analysis is
    (a) not useful to us                                              (c) an imprecise science
    (b) an elementary study                                     (d) a means of studying personality
  4. According to the author, people are;
    (a) not conscious of what they write               (c) not conscious of the way they write
    (b) aggressive in the nature of their writing  (d) not used to personal writing
  5. The fact that handwriting is related to personality
    (a) has been noticed by most people      (c) is restricted to persons who write carefully
    (b) is appreciated by dynamic people    (d) is known only to graphologists


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