Peoples’ faces light up when I say I taste chocolate for a living, but it is not always delicious

Directions: Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow (Q. Nos.1 to 8) by selecting the correct/most appropriate options.
Peoples’ faces light up when I say I taste chocolate for a living, but it is not always delicious. I also have to taste defective chocolate, which have a small room, not allowed to talk and parked in front of a computer to log information. Sometimes the room has red lighting to disguise the appearance of the chocolate, so I can evaluate it only by taste, not appearance. I can sample as many as 30 chocolates per day, so as to keep my plate active, I spit the sweets back out. That’s another not-so-glamorous part of the job. Between samples, I wait half an unsalted cracker biscuit and I chew plain warm water, as carbonated water and ice numb one’s senses.
First I smell the chocolate and logo its aroma. I also listen: if chocolate doesn’t sound crisp when broken, it may be a sign it’s old or was improperly stored. Then I place one inch bit in my mouth and leave it there for few seconds. I press it against my plate and let it melt, recording the four basic tastes-sweet, sour, bitter and salty, Then I blow out short puffs of air through my nose. Certain sense receptors in the back of our head are stimulated by oxygen. They allow us to smell food when we chew. Exhaling sharply can bring out aromas like berry, mushroom, tea, citrus, beeswax, toast, cinnamon and savory spaces that are sometimes too suitable for the nose to catch. I log these attributes, too along with the texture.

  1. People get surprised when the narrator tells them that he
    (a) is a chocolate taster
    (b) has to work under red light
    (c) has to eat bitter chocolate
    (d) has to work in a small room
  2. There is no glamour in his job as
    (a) has to blow out short puffs
    (b) he keeps on spitting out chocolate
    (c) his place of work is narrow
    (d) he never ate burnt chocolate
  3. The narrator cannot eat and enjoy the chocolate
    (a) as it has not been stored properly
    (b) as it his palate active
    (c) to keep his palate active
    (d) as it has a burnt flavor
  4. The process of chocolate tasting runs in the order of______ and again smelling.
    (a) breaking, smelling, listening, melting
    (b) breaking, listening, smelling, melting
    (c) smelling. Breaking, listening, melting
    (d) melting, listening, breaking, smelling
  5. “Leave it there.”
    When the above sentence is changed into passive voice, it becomes
    (a) Let it was left there
    (b) It is left there
    (c) It was left there
    (d) Let it be left there
  6. “People, faces light up………”
    The word ‘light’ here is a/an
    (a) adverb
    (b) noun
    (c) verb
    (d) adjective
  7. The word ‘parked’ (Para 1) means
    (a) ran
    (b) managed
    (c) operated
    (d) seated
  8. The word ‘log’ (Para 2) means
    (a) taste
    (b) record
    (c) cut
    (d) enjoy
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  1. (c) has to eat bitter chocolate
  2. (b) he keeps on spitting out chocolate
  3. (a) as it has not been stored properly
  4. (c) smelling. Breaking, listening, melting
  5. (d) Let it be left there
  6. (c) verb
  7. (d) seated
  8. (a) taste
Anurag Mishra Professor Answered on 25th February 2016.
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