Choose the perfect proposition for below Sentences.

  1. My mother is___ English teacher at a University
    (a) an        (b) the      (c) a        (d) are
  2. Every day before sleeping, I turn off              lights in my room.
    (a) an        (b) the      (c) a        (d) are
  3. Moving to a foreign country is not_____ easy thing to You have to complete many formalities before that.
    (a) an        (b) the      (c) a        (d) are
  4. Though the   __     is relevant, we need to consider all possible aspects.
    (a) information      (b) inform    (c) informations   (d) informing
  5. Nowadays, a large number of___   are getting stressed out easily.
    (a) Person               (b) Peoples    (c) People             (d) Personing
  6. We do not have a            of time, so let’s discuss this quickly.
    (a) lot        (b) much        (c) enough       (d) few
  7. You must____ Golconda. Itis an interesting historical monument.
    (a) visit     (b) be visiting   (C) is visiting   (d) visited
  8. Raghav is not    __ the meeting today because he has a medical emergency at home.
    (a) attend     (b) attended   (c) is attending   (d) attending
  9. You must visit the handicrafts shop at the end of this road. It __ an excellent variety of gift items.
    (a) had          (b) has             (c) was            (d) have
  10. I _ think the team will win the game tonight.
    (a) don’t        (b) doesn’t      (c) are             (d) am
  11. Gymnastics         a very difficult sport.
    (a) am           (b) is            (c) were         (d) are
  12. Eighty days         not enough to complete this project.
    (a) are           (b) is             (c) were        (d) am
  13. We must talk       what we can do as a community to reduce pollution in our locality.
    (a) at            (b) about       (c) in            (d) for
  14. To do this job, you don’t have to be particularly skilled  __  anything.
    (a) for            (b) in           (c) at           (d) an
  15. Most of the companies prefer to remain in touch with their clients email.
    (a) by              (b) in           (c) to          (d) for
Monis Rasool Professor Asked on 12th November 2015 in English.
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    1. an 
    2. the 
    3. an 
    4. information 
    5. People 
    6. lot 
    7. visit 
    8. attending
    9.  has
    10.  don’t
    11.  is
    12.  is
    13.  about
    14.  at
    15.  by
    Monis Rasool Professor Answered on 12th November 2015.
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