Effect of Pollution is most marked on

  • Natural balance of nature
  • geochemical cycles
  • natural flora of place
  • All of the above
Monis Rasool Professor Asked on 22nd April 2015 in Environment Science.
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    All of the above

    Pollution occurs in different forms like as air, water, soil, radioactive, heat and light. Pollution can be define as any material that is introduced into and environment that can damage or affect quality of life. Pollution is one of the biggest killer, affecting over 100 million people. The garbage dumped in the ocean every year is roughly 14 billion pounds, most of it is plastic.

    RE: Effect of Pollution is most marked on

    Pollution kills more than 1 million seabirds and 100 million mammals every year.  An estimated 1,000  children die every day in India, due to disease caused by polluted water. Each person in the U.S produces about 4 pounds (2 kg) of garbage a day. United State produces 30% of the world’s  waste and uses 25% of the world natural resources, American make up 5% of the world’s population.
    Different type of pollution  are;

    • Air pollution
    • Water pollution
    • Land pollution

    Air pollution, according to the WHO, air pollution contributes to more than three million premature deaths per year. If live in Beijing,  the means of is You smoke 21 time in a day, breathing the air of Beijing has the same health risk equal to 21 cigarettes smoke. If You visit Mumbai just for a day, its means you smoke the 100 cigarettes in a day. New Delhi capital of India is the most populated city in the world.
    Here are some type of Air pollution;

    • Noise Pollution
    • Tobacco Smoke
    • Exhaust Gases of Vehicles
    • Combustion of Coal
    • Acid Rain

    Water pollution 
    Water pollution is any chemical, physical, or biological transformation in the quality of water that has a noxious impact on any living thing that drinks or uses or lives in it. Every year around one trillion gallons of untreated sewage and industrial waste is dumped in the U.S water. Every 8 second a child dies from contaminated water, Each year 3.4 million people die from water-related causes.
    here are some type of water pollution;

    • Industrial affluent
    • Mining and Agricultural Wastes
    • Sewage Disposal and Domestic Wastes

    Land pollution is the downward trend of the earth’s land stratum through the misuse of the soil by poor agricultural practices, mineral soaking, industrial waste dumping, and recklessly disposal of urban wastes. Food is a big contributor to landfill waste. About 56 percent of the trash in the United State is put in landfills. U.S produces about 4 pounds (2 kg) of garbage a day by one person. Land pollution causes us to lose 24 billion tonnes of top soil every year.
    Here are some type of land pollution;

    • Soil Pollution
    • Waste Disposal
    Monis Rasool Professor Answered on 23rd April 2015.
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