‘Prince of Wales Cup’ is associated with the game of

  1. Hockey
  2. Cricket
  3. Football
  4. Golf
Monis Rasool Professor Asked on 25th May 2015 in Sports.
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    Prince of Wales Trophy is associated with the ‘Ice Hockey’ also known as Wales Trophy and National Hockey League presented this an award. The trophy was announced in December 1925 and the first trophy was presented in the 1925- 1926 National Hockey League season.

    RE: ‘Prince of Wales Cup’ is associated with the game of

    Total award won by teams are;

    Win Team
    25 Montreal Canadians
    17 Boston Bruins
    13 Detroit Red Wings
    5 New Jersey Devils
    4 New York Rangers
    4 Pittsburgh Penguins
    4 Philadelphia Flvers
    3 Buffalo Sabres
    3 New York Islanders
    2 Chicago Black Hawks
    2 Carolina Hurricanes
    2 Toronto Maple Leafs
    1 Florida Panthers
    1 Montreal Maroons
    1 Ottawa Senators
    1 Ottawa Senators (original)
    1 Tampa Bay Lightning
    1 Washington Capitals
    Monis Rasool Professor Answered on 26th May 2015.
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