Which process destroys Magnetic Properties of Bar Magnet?

Which of the following process/ processes destroy / destroys the magnetic properties of a bar magnet?
A. Cutting into two pieces                            B. Heating
C. Beating                                                        D. Sealing

  1. A, B and C
  2. A and D
  3. only A
  4. B and C
Pushpendra Pal Dean Asked on 21st September 2015 in Physics.
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Answer: (4) B and C

Heating and beating destroys the magnetic properties of a bar magnet.

If we cut the a bar magnet into two parts, then again it will be formed in a magnet.
If we seal a magnet then it does not effect its magnet property. It still attracts iron.

Anurag Mishra Professor Answered on 21st September 2015.
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