In Which State is the Pushkar Camel Fair Held?

  1. Bihar
  2. Madhya Pradesh
  3. Rajashthan
  4. Uttar Pradesh
Monis Rasool Professor Asked on 29th May 2015 in General Knowledge.
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    Option 3 is the right answer.

    Pushkar Camel Fair or also famously known as Pushkar ka Mela is held every year in Pushkar ( Rajsthan ).
    It is one of the world’s largest camel fairs. Apart from the buying and selling of livestock, it has become an important tourist attraction. It is celebrated for five days from the Kartik ekadashi to Kartik Poornima. The full moon day is the main day and the day, according to legend, when the Hindu god Brahma sprung up the Pushkar Lake, thus numerous people swim in its sacred waters.

    RE: In Which State is the Pushkar Camel Fair Held?

    Harsh Vardhan Professor Answered on 29th May 2015.
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