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    Which One of the Following is Not a Rabi Crop?

    1. Mustard
    2. Rice
    3. Wheat
    4. Gram

    Same question was asked in IPO Kerala, 2014: with different options;

    1. Jowar
    2. Groundnut
    3. Mustard
    4. Bajra
    Asked by Monis Rasool on 4th June 2015 in Agriculture.
    2 Answers


    Rice is not a rabi crop. it’s a Kharif Crops, Kharif Crops is monsoon crop(rainy season)  in India. Kharif Crop include rice, maize, sorghum, pearl, millet/bajra, finger millet/ragi, arhar (pulses0, soyabean, groundnut (oilseeds), cotton etc.

    Rabi Crops are grown during winter season.  seeds of these crops are sown in the beginning of the winter season. Rabi crop include Wheat Gram, Mustard, Barley, Sesame, Peas etc..

    Answered by Monis Rasool on 6th June 2015..

    2.        Rice

    Answered by Gangesh Gupta on 6th June 2015..