Read the Passage Carefully and Choose the Correct Answer :

Questions Nos. 1 to 10
Directions: In the following passage some of the words have been left out. Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer to each question out of the four alternatives and fill in the blanks.
Passage: Past (i) us in understanding our present world in a (ii) better way. If we know (iii) our ancestors lived or (iv) the wars were waged, we can understand the today’s world (v) and get ideas for a (vi) future, what appears to (vii) as wrong today could have been right (viii). It is also interesting to know how (ix) in the past (x) the life of humans.

  1. (a) (i)-help                 (b) (i)-helps              (c) (i)-helped           (d) (i)-is helping
  2. (a) (ii)-more              (b) (ii)-just                (c) (ii)- much           (d) (ii)-most
  3. (a) (iii)-how               (b) (iii)-where          (c) (iii)-why             (d) (iii)-when
  4. (a) (iv)-which            (b) (iv)-when            (c) (iv)-why             (d) (iv)-how
  5. (a) (v)-well                 (b) (v)-best               (c) (v)-betterment  (d) (v)-better
  6. (a) (vi)-fairest            (b) (vi)-fairy            (c) (vi)-fair              (d) (vi)-fairer
  7. (a) (vii)-they              (b) (vii)-us               (c) (vii)-him             (d) (vii)-them
  8. (a) (viii)-earliest        (b) (viii)-later          (c) (viii)-early         (d) (viii)-earlier
  9. (a) (ix)-inventions (b) (ix)-inventors    (c) (ix)-adventures  (d) (ix)-inventing
  10. (a) (x)-improves        (b) (x)-improve      (c) (x)-improved     (d) (x)-improvement


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