Read the Passages Carefully and Choose the Correct Answer to Each Question :

Directions: In question numbers 1 to 10, in the following passages some of the words have been left out. Read the passages carefully and choose the correct answer to each question out of the four alternative and fill in the blanks.
If you  1   to be free from all physical aches and pains, and enjoy perfect physical harmony, then put your mind in order and    2    you thoughts. Think joyful thoughts; think loving thoughts; Let the    3    of good will    4   through your veins, and you will need no other medicine.    5   your jealousies, your suspicions, you worries, your hatred, your selfish indulgences, and you will pur away you indigestion, your sickness, your    6   and    7 . If you will    8   clinging to these  9   and demoralizing habits of minds, then do not complain when your body is    10   sickness.

  1. (a) will                      (b) can                    (c) would                      (d) want
  2. (a) regulate              (b) regularize        (c) co-ordinate            (d) harmonize
  3. (a) potion                 (b) elixir                 (c) sweetness              (d) generosity
  4. (a) race                     (b) gather               (c) course                    (d) run
  5. (a) cast away           (b) ignore               (c) throw off                (d) discard
  6. (a) happiness          (b) confidence       (c) nervousness          (d) worries
  7. (a) joy                       (b) mercy                (c) despair                  (d) paining
  8. (a) persisting           (b) continue to      (c) indulge in             (d) care to
  9. (a) worse                  (b) unruly               (c) unhealthy             (d) good
  10. (a) laid low with     (b) affected to        (c) laid up with          (d) lying with


Anurag Mishra Professor Asked on 17th November 2015 in English.
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1 Answer(s)
  1. Answer: (d) want

  2. Answer: (a) regulate
  3. Answer:  (b) elixir

  4. Answer: (d) run

  5. Answer: (c) throw off

  6. Answer:  (c) nervousness

  7. Answer: (c) despair

  8. Answer: (c) indulge in

  9. Answer: (c) unhealthy

  10. Answer: (c) laid up with
Anurag Mishra Professor Answered on 21st November 2015.
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