Resin is a Product of

  1. Grapes
  2. Coniferous trees
  3. Rubber tree
  4. Banyan tree
Manish Listener Asked on 5th November 2014 in General Knowledge.
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    Coniferous trees

    Resins are formed oxidation products of various essential oils and are very complicated and different in chemical creation. Resins have somewhat features that render them important to industry. It is difficult to classify resins because the same term is often used for very diverse materials.

    RE: Resin is a product of

    Resin is in artificial or artificial compound that begins in a highly sticky state and hardens with treatment.  Resin products are used in multitude of every items ranging from paint, vanish, building materials to plastic and jewelry art and also in furniture and medicine.
    American Indian used to quench their thirsts by chewing the gum like resin that forms on spruce trees when the bark is cut. Spruce became the first commercial chewing gum, being sold and traded in lumps.

    Monis Rasool Professor Answered on 19th April 2015.
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