Which right is not for foreigners living in India

Which of the following Fundamental Rights under the Constitution is guaranteed only to the citizens of India and not to foreigners living in India?

  1. Equality before law
  2. freedom of speech and expression
  3. Protection of life and personal liberty
  4. Free practice of religion


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    Option 2 is the right answer.

    The framers of the constitution of India while framing the fundamental rights, took caution as to what fundamental rights have to be applied to foreigners and what rights have to be specifically reserved for the citizens of India. And accordingly, only the following rights are available to foreign nationals:

    Article 14 – Right to equality before law and equal protection of laws

    Article 20 – Right to protection in respect of conviction for offences

    Article 21- Right to protection of life and personal liberty

    Article 21A – Right to elementary education

    Article 22 – Right to protection against arrest and detention in certain cases

    Article 23 – Prohibition of traffic in human beings and forced labour

    Article 24 – Prohibition of employment of children in factories etc.,

    Article 25 – Right to freedom of conscience and free profession, practice and propagation of religion

    Article 26 – Right to freedom to manage religious affairs

    Article 27 – Right to freedom from payment of taxes for promotion of any religion

    Article 28 – Right to freedom from attending religious instruction or worship in certain educational institutions

    Harsh Vardhan Professor Answered on 16th May 2015.
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