Rowlatt Act was passed in

  • 1917
  • 1918
  • 1919
  • 1920
Monis Rasool Professor Asked on 7th April 2015 in History.
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Answer: 1919
In March 1919, Imperial Legislative Council passed ‘The Rowlett Act’ and against this act Gandhi Ji was launched a nationwide Satyagraha on 6th April. The Act tenure was indefinitely extended by the Rowlett Committee and headed by Sir Sydney Rowlett. According to the Rowlett Act 1919 Government has the authority and power to arrest people and keep them in prisons without any trial if they are suspected with the charge of terrorism.

Here is some point of Rowlett Act 1919 are, first is not material offending the government could be printed by any press including those of reputed newspapers, second is arrests could be made without warrant and third is on release he could be prohibited from indulging in any political social or religious activities.

Monis Rasool Professor Answered on 8th April 2015.
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