Since the most ancient times India has been not only periodically invaded by greedy horders :

Instructions: Read the following passage carefully to answer Q. 1 to 5:

Since the most ancient times India has been not only periodically invaded by greedy horders, but also visited by tradesmen and travelers, scholars and sight-seers. Some of them have written books. The books of these writers become all the more important because there were not too many of them; and they have served as rich sources for the historian. It is especially in his context that observations provided by great Chinese writer Hiuen Tsang become very relevant.

Already in the 7th century, Buddhism was a powerful cultural force among the educated classed of China. It was common for Chinese pilgrims to come to India, the native land of the Buddha, to pay their respects to of them all was this gentle observe who had studied and travelled extensively in China before entering the Indain subcontinent. Being both scholar and India itself he traversed deserts and climbed mountains, stayed in villages and lived in capitals, practiced in monasteries and studied in universities and spent time in some royal courts as well.

He went to Mathura and Ayodhya, to prayag and pataliputra, to Gaya and Kamarupa. He studied Sanskrit and Pali to delve deeper into Buddhist philosophy and Hindu traditions. Most important of all he wrote down in detail his many experiences and impressions.

  1. Hiuen Tsand did all of the following during his travel in India except
    (a) lived in villages                                  (c) taught in the universities
    (b) travelled in deserts                           (d) followed the schedule in monasteries
  2. The writing of Hiuen Tsang appears to be objective because
    (a) he had visited China and could compare it with India
    (b) he was learned and culture
    (c) his writings were based on his experiences and impressions
    (d) he had great respect for India
  3. Why are the writings of Hiuen Tsang considered as relevant?
    (a) He visited India as a trader and sight-seer
    (b) He was a gentle observer
    (c) He had spent some time in some royal
    (d) He had traveled to many Asian countries
  4. Which of the following has been considered as the real contribution of Hiuen Tsang?
    (a) He visited and spent time in many places in India
    (b) He meticulously recorded his experiences and feeling
    (c) He influenced elites in China to visit India
    (d) He pointed out the impact of Hinduism on Buddhism
  5. What probably prompted Hiuen Tsand to travel to India?
    (a) To spread his religion in India
    (b) To study the powerful cultural force in India
    (c) To study influence of Budhism on Hindu religion
    (d) To undertake pilgrimage and enhance knowledge
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Question No. 1. (c)   2. (c)  3.(b)      4.  (b)      5. (d)

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