The Sky Appears Blue Due to

  1. Rayleigh scattering
  2.  Mic scattering
  3.  Back Scattering
  4.  None of the above


Manish Listener Asked on 17th June 2015 in Physics.
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    Answer : (1). Rayleigh scattering

    The sky appears blue due Rayleigh  scattering of white light comes from the sun.

    Scattering of light by some tiny particles or molecules present in the atmosphere.

    Rayleigh scattering is discovered by Lord Rayleigh, he calculated the intensity of scattering  from dipole scatter in the very small unit of wavelength.

    In Rayleigh scattering, the molecules of the atmosphere are vibrating due photon energy.

    The blue light is scattered much due to its short wavelength.

    The wavelength of is 450nm.

    vijay Professor Answered on 13th July 2015.
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