Which Sultans had Greatest Number of Slaves in His Court?

  1. Balban
  2. Alauddin Khilji
  3. Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq
  4. Feroz Tughlaq
Abdul Salam Newbie Asked on 12th August 2015 in History.
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Firoz Tughlaq

Firoz Tughlaq had the greatest number of slaves in his court, the total number of slaves one lakh thousand out of which forty thousand been put in the service of the sultan’s palace.  Firoz Tughlaq established of Dewan-i-Khairat (department for poor and needy people) and Diwan-i-bundagan(department of slaves). Firoz made arrangements for the education and training. Sultan Firoz Shah Tughlaq (1309-1388) was a Turkic Muslim ruler of the Tughlaq Dynasty. Firoz Shan was the son of Malik Rajab. His slave system proved very harmful and became one of the contributory factors of the downfall of the Tughlaq empire.

Monis Rasool Professor Answered on 1st September 2015.
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