Solitary Cymose Inflorescence is Observed in

  1. Rose
  2. Chinarose
  3. Tuberose
  4. Gardenia
Manish Listener Asked on 22nd July 2015 in Biology.
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Solitary Cymose Inflorescence is Observed in Tuberose.  Tuberose well known as Polianthes Tuberosa, is a night-blooming. It is popularly known as Rajnigandha or Nishigandha. Tuberose is a native of Mexico from where it spread to different parts of the world during 16th century.

The Tuberose belongs to the Agave family, Agavaceae. Tuberose is grown commercially in a number of countries with India, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, France, Italy, Hawaii, South Africa, Taiwan, North Carolina, USA, Egypt, China and may other tropical and subtropical areas in the world.

There are four types of tuberoses named on the basis of the number of rows of petals they bear. They are:

  • Single
  • Semi-double
  • Double
  • Variegated
Monis Rasool Professor Answered on 25th July 2015.
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