Sultan who banned banquets and planted spies?

Which Sultan, in order to forestall conspiracies, banned banquets and assemblies and planted his spies across the country ?

  1. Alauddin Khalji
  2. Jahangir
  3. Iltutmish
  4. Balban
Manish Listener Asked on 28th October 2014 in History.
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    Alauddin Khalji

    Alauddin Khalji reign (AD 1296-1316), In order to forestall conspiracies, banned all banquets and assemblies. Alauddin Khalji also enlarged the system of espionage and spread his spies across the empire.
    Alauddin Khalji was the second ruler of the Khalji dynasty, an able commander and an excellent administrator. He increased the size of the army to protect the empire. The rulers also organized a large standing army for the defense and also to provide guaranteed food supply to the capital.

    RE: Sultan who banned banquets and planted spies?

    Alauddin Khalji was a very ambitious person and a warmonger. He liked to call himself ‘The Second ALexander’. He took the title ‘Sikander-i-Sani’. Behind his success of his war strategies was a slave called Malik Kafur. Malik Kafur helped Alauddin Khalji to conquer many states. It’s believed that Malik Kafur murdered him.

    Monis Rasool Professor Answered on 20th April 2015.
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