The Author of ‘Prathvi Raj Raso’ was-

  1. Amir Khusro
  2. Chandravardai
  3. Gopal Nayak
  4. Gorakh Nath
Monis Rasool Professor Asked on 21st May 2015 in Literature.
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    Option 2 is the right answer.

    Prathvi Raj Raso is an Epical Poem Account composed by famous poet Chand Bardai . It is based on the life of King Prithvi Raj Chauhan who ruled Ajmer and Delhi between 1165 to 1192.

    Chandbardai was a famous court Poet in the court of King Prithvi Raj Chauhan. Chandbardai wrote the Prithvi RaJ Raso.

    Harsh Vardhan Professor Answered on 21st May 2015.
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