The Simplest Method of Welding Two Pieces of Metal :

Directions: In this section there are four short passages. After each passage, you will find some questions based on the passage, First read a passage and answer the question based on it. You are required to select your answer based on the contents of the passage and opinion of the author only.

The simplest method of welding two pieces of metal together is known as pressure welding. The ends of metal are heated to a white head – for iron, the welding temperature should be about 1300oC- in a flame. At this temperature the metal becomes plastic. The ends are then pressed or hammered together, and the joint is smoothed off. Care must be taken to ensure that the surfaces are thoroughly clean first, for dirt will weaken the weld. Moreover, the heating of iron or steel to a high temperature cause oxidation, and a film of oxide is formed on the heated surfaces. For this reason, a flux is applied to the heated metal. At welding heat, the flux melts, and oxide particles are dissolved in it together with any other impurities which may be present. The metal surfaces are pressed together, and the flux is squeezed out from the centre of the weld. A number of different types of weld may be used, but for fairly thick bars of metals, a vee-shaped weld should normally be employed. It is rather stronger than the ordinary butt weld.

  1. The simplest way of welding two pieces of metal together is
    (a) heating the metal                           (c) coating the metal with plastic
    (b) holding it in a flame                      (d) hammering heated pieces
  2. Unless the surfaces are cleaned first
    (a) the metal will not take white heat            (c) the joint will be rough
    (b) the resulting weld will be weak                (d) the metal will be less plastic
  3. When iron is heated to about 1300 degree centigrade
    (a) flames turn from white to blue                 (c) oxide film is found on its surfaces
    (b) chemical reaction starts                             (d) it turns into steel
  4. The flux is used to
    (a) make the metal plastic                               (c) cover up any dirt
    (b) cool the heated metal                                 (d) dissolve oxide and other inpurities
  5. For fairly thick bars of metals
    (a) a vee shaped weld should be used
    (b) ordinary butt weld should be used
    (c) a number of different types of weld may be used
    (d) a pressure weld may be used


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