The ‘xylem’ in plants is responsible mainly for

  1. Transportation of food
  2. Transportation of amino acid
  3. Transportation of water
  4. Transportation of oxygen
Harsh Vardhan Professor Asked on 11th May 2015 in Science.
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     Transportation of water

    Xylem is one of the two types of transport tissue in vascular plants, though it is found throughout the plant. The xylem transports water and soluble mineral nutrients from the roots throughout the plant. It is also used to replace water lost during transpiration and photosynthesis. Xylem sap consists mainly of water and inorganic ions, although it can contain a number of organic chemicals as well. The transport is passive, not powered by energy spent by the tracheary elements themselves, which are dead by maturity and no longer have living contents. Two phenomena cause xylem sap to flow-Transpirational pull and Root pressure.

    Harsh Vardhan Professor Answered on 12th May 2015.
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