United State Holds Nobel Prize Awards

In which discipline United States holds the maximum number of Nobel Prize awards?

  1. Science
  2. Physics
  3. Chemistry
  4. Medicine-physiology
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    On 27 November 1859, in last will of Alfred Nobel describe one part which is dedicated to “the person who shall have made the most important discovery within the domain of physiology or medicine”. Total 105 Nobel Prizes in Physiology or Medicine have been awarded since 1901. There are nine years without present the award are 1915, 1916, 1917, 1918, 1921, 1925, 1940, 1941 and 1942.

    List is given below winner of Nobel Prize in Medicine-Physiology whose belong from United Nations:

    Year Name Year Name
    1933 Thomas Hunt Morgan 1978 Daniel Nathans
    1934 George Hoyt Whipple Hamilton O. Smith
    George Richards Minot 1980 George D. Snell
    William Parry Murphy 1981 Rogen W. Sperry
    1943 Edward Adelbert Doisy 1983 Barbara McClintock
    1944 Joseph Erlanger 1985 Michael S. Brown
    Herbert Spencer Gasser Joseph L. Goldstein
    1946 Hermann Joseph Muller 1986 Stanley Cohen
    1947 Carl Ferdianand Cori 1988 Gertrude B. Elion
    Gerty Theresa Cori George H. Hitchings
    1950 Philip Showalter Hench 1989 J. Michael Bishop
    Edward Calvin Kendall Harlod E. Varmus
    1952 Selman Abraham Waksman 1990 Joseph E. Murray
    1953 Fritz Albert Lipmann E. Donnall Thomas
    1954 John Franklin Eders 1992 Edmond H. Fischer
    Frederick Chapman Robbins Edwin G. Krebs
    Thomas Huckle Weller 1993 Phillip A. Sharp
    1956 Andre Frederic Cournand 1994 Alfred G. Gilman
    Dickinson W. Richards Martin Rodbell
    1958 George Wells Beadle 1995 Edward B. Lewis
    Edward Lawrie Tatum Eric F. Wieschaus
    Joshua Lederberg 1997 Stanley B. Prusiner
    1959 Arthur Kornberg 1998 Robert F. Furchgott
    1961 George von Bekesy Lous J. Ignarro
    1962 James Dewey Watson Ferid Murad
    1964 Konrad Bloch 1999 Gunter Blobel
    1966 Peyton Rous 2000 Paul Greengard
    Charles Brenton Huggins Eric R. Kandel
    1967 Haldan keffer Hartline 2001 Leland H. Hartwell
    George wald 2002 H. Robert Horvitz
    1968 Robert W. Holley 2003 Paul Lauterbut
    Marshall W. Nirenberg 2004 Richard Axel
    1969 Max Delbruck Linda B. Buck
    Alfred D Hershey 2006 Andrew Z. Fire
    Salvador E. Luria Craig C. Mello
    1970 Julius Axelrod 2007 Mario r. Chpecchi
    1971 Earl W. Sutherland, Jr. Oliver Smithies
    1972 Gerald M Edelman 2009 Elizabeth H. Blackburn
    1975 David Baltimore Carol w. Greider
    Renato Dulbecco Jack w. Szostak
    Howard Martin Temin 2011 Bruce A. Beutler
    1976 Baruch S. Blumberg Ralph M. Steinman
    D. Carleton Gajdusek 2013 James E. Rothman
    1977 Roger Guillemin Randy W. Schekman
    Andrew V. Schally Thomas C. Sudhof
    Rosalyn Yalow 2015 John O’Keefe
    Monis Rasool Professor Answered on 4th August 2015.
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