While ascending a hill, the driver of the vehicle keeps the gear ratio

  1. Equal 1
  2. Less than 1
  3. Greater than 1
  4. Either equal to or greater than 1
Manish Listener Asked on 5th November 2014 in Physics.
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Ans: While ascending a hill Gear Ratio should be “Either equal to or greater than 1”.

Gear Ratio: The ratio between angular velocity of input gear to the angular velocity of output gear. It is represented by R.

Gear Ratio (R) =

 R = \frac{\omega_A}{\omega_B}  =  \frac{N_B}{N_A}.
Where w is angular velocity, N is number of teeth on gear 
R = \frac{\omega_A}{\omega_B} = \frac{N_B}{N_A}

 v = r_A \omega_A = r_B \omega_B, \!  —- r is radius of gear.
Pushpendra Pal Dean Answered on 13th November 2014.
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