Which of the four combinations is correct and indicate it by:

Directions: In the following Five Question the 1st and the last part of the sentence/passage are numbered 1 and 5. The rest of the sentence/passage is split into four parts are not given in their proper order. Read the sentence/passage and find out which of the four combinations is correct and indicate it by blackening the appropriate circle [0] in the Answer Sheet.

  1. 1. man’s
    P. in the modern
    Q. insatiable thirst for knowledge
    R. the wonderful achievements of science
    S. is the root of
    6. world.
    (a) SQPR
    (b) RSPQ
    (c) QSRP
    (d) PQRS
  2. 1. Today
    P. by the hunters for their
    Q. are trapped or killed
    R. millions of wild animals
    S. each year
    6. skin
    (a) QPRS
    (b) PSQR
    (c) SPRQ
    (d) RQSP
  3. 1. These
    P. about the heavenly
    Q. experiments by the scientists
    R. with amazing knowledge
    S. will supply us
    6. bodies
    (a) QSRP
    (b) RQPS
    (c) PSQR
    (d) PSRQ
  4. 1. Over 67 years
    P. but the problems
    Q. have remained
    R. have passed
    S. of the common man
    6. as daunting as ever.
    (a) QPRS
    (b) RPSQ
    (c) SRQP
    (d) SQPR
  5. 1. The President
    P. from Tokyo
    Q. where he
    R. had been meeting
    S. came back
    6. other world leaders.
    (a) PSQR
    (b) RPQS
    (c) QSPR
    (d) SPQR
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