Who amongst the following are not included in the Electoral College for the election of the President of India?

  1.  Elected members of the House of the people.
  2. Elected members of the Council of States.
  3. Elected members of the legislative Assemblies of the States.
  4. Elected members of the Legislative Councils of the States.
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    Option 4 is the right answer.

    Electoral College (India)

    The President of India is indirectly elected by means of an electoral college consisting of the Parliament of India and the legislative assemblies of the states and the Union Territories of Delhi and Puducherry. The votes are based on the population in 1971 rather than the current population, as a result of the 42nd Amendment, and extended by the 84th Amendment, with the intention to encourage family planning programs in the states by ensuring that states are not penalized for lowering their population growth.

    The eEectoral college is made up of the following:

    Elected members of the Rajya Sabha (Elected members of the Council of States )

    Elected members of the Lok Sabha (House of the People)

    Elected members of each state Legislative Assembly; and

    Elected members of each union territory possessing an assembly (i.e., Delhi and Puducherry).

    Harsh Vardhan Professor Answered on 16th May 2015.
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