Who were the ‘Nayanars’?

  • Vaishnavites
  • Shaivites
  • Shaktas
  • Sun worshippers
Monis Rasool Professor Asked on 4th May 2015 in History.
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    Nayanars were Shaivites. There are sixty three saintly devotees of Shiva are known as Nayanar. Nayanars have a different way of living, follow and praying  God, But sixty three devotees have one common thing is their intense love for the Lord. They led  life themselves in kinds of different ways- Brahmacharyam (Sandesar), Grihastam (Nilakandar), Vanaprastam (Aiyadikal Kadavarkon), Sanyasam (Thirumular).

    Monis Rasool Professor Answered on 4th May 2015.
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