The World’s Highest Waterfall is Situated in :

  1. Canada
  2. Guyana
  3. Venezuela
  4. Australia
Anurag Mishra Professor Asked on 27th November 2015 in General Knowledge.
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Answer: (3)  Venezuela

The world’s highest waterfall is Angel falls which is situated in Venezuela. The width of this waterfall is one hundred and fifty meters and the height of this waterfall is 979 meters. It is also known as the Kerep. 

RE: The World’s Highest Waterfall is Situated in :

It is located in the Canaima National Park which is the largest national park  in Venezuela.  It is also reffered to as Salto Amgel or by its local name Tulume Bena. It is officially called the Bolivariane Republic of Venezuela.

ranbir Newbie Answered on 27th November 2015.
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